Collection: Entre Pedras


‘Entre Pedras’ means between or among stones.  It could not be a better name for the Pico wines made by young guns André Ribeiro and Ricardo Pinto.  The grapes come from the Azorean island’s unique basalt-walled vineyards, which are planted on lava beds.  The pair even age some of their wines between stones, in a cave André discovered beneath the vineyard he and his father Gilberto recovered in 2017!   Now planted to Arinto dos Açores and Verdelho, the vineyard had been abandoned after the death of André’s grandfather. It supplies around 20% of Entre Pedras’ grapes, with the balance coming from working much older vineyards in return for the grapes.   More recently, André and Ricardo have planted the rarest of Pico’s ‘holy trinity’ varieties, Terrantez do Pico; it has yet to come onstream. Watch this space!