Collection: XXVI Talhas


XXVI Talhas – a dedicated talha (amphora) producer – derives its name from the fact that the winery is home to 26 talhas. The old cellar in Vila Alva, Alentejo, belonged to ‘Mestre Daniel,’ Daniel António Tabaquinho dos Santos who, like his forebears, produced talha wine there. The winery ceased production shortly after his death in 1985 but the cellar was given a new lease of life in 2018 when Mestre Daniel’s grandchildren, Alda and Daniel, together with their cousin Samuel and Ada’s childhood friend Ricardo Santos (the winemaker) founded XXVI Talhas. We reckon XXVI Talhas lead the pack for the more traditional talha wine styles. Tasting the nectar-like whites is like tasting direct from a freshly opened talha.