Collection: Aphros

Vinho Verde

Quinta do Casal do Paço, a pretty 20ha estate in Vinho Verde’s Lima sub-region, has been owned by the Vaz Guedes family since the 17th century.

 The estate’s corn fields used to be surrounded with ramadas – vine-inveigled shady pergolas. Wine was made in the tiny rustic cellar underneath the house and sold to negociants or the local co-operative.

 This became unprofitable and, in 2003, Vasco Croft decided to invest in the renovation of the vineyard and cellars. Having lived on a biodynamic farm, the former architect and furniture designer has cultivated the estate biodynamically since 2006. It brims with life – birds and insects, not to mention the horses and sheep who graze the weeds and fertilise the vineyard.    

 The wines, made in consultancy with Folias de Baco’s Tiago Sampaio, are among the region’s most exploratory and exciting.