Collection: Parras & Quinta do Gradil

Hailing from a family of wine merchants, Luís Vieira learned all the tricks of the trade from his grandfather, António Gomes Vieira, a.k.a. Ganita. In May 1999, he purchased Quinta do Gradil, which is planted to 120 hectares of vineyard. 

Steeped in history, the first records about Lisboa estate date back to 14 February, 1492, when it is mentioned in a royal document by King John II of Portugal. The Marquises of Pombal owned the Quinta for most of the 20th century. Located in Cadaval, between the coast and the Serra de Montejunto, the mountain range traps cool, humid Atlantic breezes, helping to produce ripe but balanced wines, with fresh acidity. The vines are planted in well-drained clay and sandy soil slopes.