Collection: Madeira Vintners


Founded in 2012, Madeira Vintners was the first Madeira wine company to be founded in 80 years.  Being a ‘new kid on the block,’ the company, an off-shoot of Co-operativa Agrícola do Funchal (‘CAF’), is focused on high quality 3-year-old and 5-year-old Madeiras and single harvest Colheitas, including an incredibly rare Reserve Madeira made from Listrão, sourced from Portugal’s driest island, Porto Santo in the Madeira archipelago.   

The company’s all-woman team - viticulturists and winemaker - work directly with select growers; rigorous selection ensures that only healthy, top quality grapes make the cut.  Made in a lighter, fresher style with lovely clarity of fruit, Madeira Vintners’ 3-Year-Old Madeiras are purposefully made with a lower alcohol content (17%).