Collection: Monte Bluna


António Guerreiro felt impelled to buy the old Aragonez vineyard next door to his home in Arruda dos Vinhos and, just like that, Monte Bluna was born.   Convinced about the potential of the land around his aptly named village - Arruda dos Vinhos – Guerreiro planted Tinta Miúda (Portuguese genotype) and other local varieties, including Arinto and Vital as well as Merlot.  He hired his friend, long-term Lisboa winemaker Nuno Martins da Silva to make the wines and, with no little ambition, Monte Bluna is a name to watch.   Located on limestone/clay soils, da Silva describes the windy elevated vineyard at 350m as being “even more special than we expected.” Taste for yourself.  The results are terrific thus far.