Collection: M.O.B


Three top Douro winemakers co-founded this eponymous Dấo label in 2010.  They are Jorge Moreira (Quinta de Poeira), Francisco Olazabal (Quinta de Vale Meấo) and Jorge Serôdio Borges (Wine and Soul). Since visiting in 2013, the trio have bought the 10-hectare Seia vineyard which, Poeira told me, is the latest ripening Dấo vineyard he knows.  It ticks their boxes because, he added, “slow ripening preserves all the freshness and fruit, making very delicate wines.”  The winemakers recently extended their holdings in the elevated Serra da Estrela sub-region, acquiring five hectares of very old vines in Gouveia. With a host of new wines, this exciting collaboration goes from strength to strength. Who said never mix friends and business?!?