Collection: Ilha do Pico Cooperativa Vinícola

The Pico Island Wine Cooperative was founded in 1949 , through the efforts of producers, trying to recover the noble grape varieties and the vineyard culture in stone corrals, which today constitutes a landscape classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. 

We are a union of 250 members who deliver their best grapes every year to produce the most varied wines. Women, men, families dedicated to the secular art of producing the vines and grapes that make us so unique. 

At the Cooperative, the grapes harvested by hand from the rocky vineyards allow us to preserve the authentic culture that used simple and fragile basalt stone walls to protect the vineyard, which would stubbornly thrive, from the adverse weather conditions that are felt in this island Portugal.

Techniques, arts and centuries-old traditions that are still today the way wine comes from the stone.