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Visiting family on the archipelago, António Maçanita, an innovative winemaker from Alentejo (Fita Preta), discovered a project to recover local grapes.  In 2010, Macanita produced a single varietal Terrantez do Pico.  It put the Azores on the map for light wines, ushering in a major programme of vineyard recovery, especially on Pico island.  Falling hard for the Azores, in 2014 Maçanita joined forces with fellow winemaker and grape grower Paulo Machado and Filipe Rocha (then Head of the Azores’ School of Tourism and Hospitality Training) to create Azores Wine Company.  

With a huge investment in vineyards and a new winery (with classy rooms and restaurant), the range has since mushroomed.   The top tier wines are spellbinding, but so is Vulcanico, the entry-level label.  Freshness, minerality and salinity are the common thread. 

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