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Vinhos Barbeito was founded in 1946 by Mário Barbeito de Vasconcelos and has since then always been run by members of our family.

At the time of Barbeito’s foundation over 30 other Madeira Wine exporters were operating in the business. Little by little, Mário Barbeito gained clients in many parts of the world, always trying to build a good and close relationship with them. Some of our actual clients and suppliers are still from his time.

Mário Barbeito passed away in 1985 and his daughter Manuela de Vasconcelos, took over the general management of Vinhos Barbeito. She was already working for the company since 1976.

One of Manuela Vasconcelos most important tasks was to continue her father’s work of strenghthening relationships with customers and promoting our wines at prestigious wine fairs around the world. This policy is still maintained to this day.

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