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Casa de Santar is historically connected to wine production. Founded in the end of the 18th century, it is one the most iconics wine making estates in Dão, due to its history, dimension and the reputation of its wines. The wines from this noble house are renowned due to their tradition, authenticity and nobility, reasons that make this brand from Dão so special and known for its 200-year-old history. A couple of kilometres from Casa de Santar, we can begin to see on the horizon several hectares of vineyard, which is very rare in this part of the country. Casa de Santar owns the largest continuous terrain in Dão, with 103 hectares, 83 of red varieties and 20ha of white varieties. Santar’s most well known plot is Vinha dos Amores, a slope with incredible soil and solar exposure where we grow the best Encruzado and Touriga Nacional grapes. Vinha dos Amores, or Lovers Vineyard in English, got its name because it was, since time immemorial, the meeting point for all the lovers of the village of Santar in their passionate rendezvous. Here were born some of the most elegant wines in Portugal that have earned high scores and awards from national and international critics. The estate has been connected to the same family for 13 generations and the cellar deserves a proper tour: from the cellar to the fermentation room with its stainless-steel vats, through the wine-aging room where the wines rest in French oak barrels and where we can find the highlight of this room, the incredibly old copper alembic. Then, we carry on to the tasting room and the cellar that keeps and protects the brands’ oldest harvests.

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