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Quinta da Pedra Alta is located in Soutelinho-Favaios near Alijó in the Pinhão Valley, between 230m and 550m above sea-level. Attracted by its long pedigree, the current owners (a British businessman and his wife) acquired Quinta da Pedra Alta in 2018. Pedra Alta means high stone and the estate lays claim to being the only one with three feitoria or ‘Marcos Pombalinos’ - the 335 marker stones used to demarcate the original boundaries for Port vineyards. Australia-based winemaker Matt Gant makes the wines with Pedra Alta’s resident winemaker, João Pires.   Gant made his name at St Hallett, then First Drop in the Barossa where he worked with Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz. In 2007 he worked vintage in Alentejo, which he where he met Pires.  Becoming fast friends, the duo are having a ball pushing boundaries at Q da Pedra Alta.

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