Collection: Quinta do Arcossó


Amílcar Salgado is a smiley man.  And why not?  He is living the dream.  Convinced that Trás-os-Montes could make wine to equal that of its famous Douro neighbour, Salgado knew just the spot. Until the 1950s, the area around Ribeira de Oura was an epicentre of winemaking.  Salgado had passed a vineyard on his way to school.  It belonged to the Pizarro and Montalvão Machado family, who abandoned winemaking in 1987.  The would-be vigneron acquired it in 2001, retaining one acre of old vines and replanting 12 hectares in 2003 with quality in mind.  The vineyard was certified organic in 2021.  Salgado makes the wines in consultancy with Francisco Montenegro (whose family produce Aneto in the Douro).

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