Collection: Soalheiro

Vinho Verde

Twenty-seven-year-old Gio (Georgii) Chezhia grew up between Georgia and Russia, where his family followed the local tradition of making wine for home consumption. He set his sights somewhat higher after studying for an International Master on Wine Tourism Innovation (WINTOUR) in Tarragona, Bordeaux and Oporto.  During vintage 2018 he shadowed Luis Seabra, Dirk Niepoort’s former right-hand man.  “We drank like kings, but worked like slaves,” he said, fuelling his passion and curiosity for wine, "nowadays my life,” he beamed. Since then Chezia has collaborated with Portugal’s winemaking glitterati and founded his own Douro label.  Ag.hora Loureiro 2020 is made with Quinta de Soalheiro, one of Vinho Verde’s most progressive producers.   It was made hot on the heels of a trip to Georgia which Chezia organised for Soalheiro’s dynamic owner/Chief Winemaker, Luis Cerdeira.