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Born and raised in the lofty village of Montalegre in Trás-os-Montes, brothers Francisco and Paulo Gonçalves founded Mont'Alegre Vinhos in 2015.  Desirous of producing  mountain wines, they recently planted one of Portugal’s highest vineyards in Montalegre (at 1070m); they additionally source grapes from vineyards located between 600-800m in Trás-os-Montes’ Chaves and the Planalto Mirandês sub-regions. Having been Technical Director of Sogevinus (owners of Kopke, Cálem, Burmester and Barros e Almeida, the Port houses), Francisco wanted to focus on making wine, not Port and, more specifically, fresh, elegant wines as opposed to very concentrated wines.  Job done with this rare example of single varietal Tinta Amarela (a.k.a. Trincadeira) which, in elevated climes, completes the ripening process slowly, allowing this precocious grape to reach its full potential.


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