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In 2013 and 2014, Nuno and Pedro Ramilo left their professions to renovate the vineyard planted by their grandfather and start bottling estate wine.  Casal do Ramilo vineyard is in the Lizandro Valley and, made traditionally, the wines from here are fresh but flavoursome.  Great value for money too.

In the boldest of moves, in 2015, the brothers planted a ‘new’ old school (un-grafted) vineyard in Colares to ultra-rare local grapes, Malvasia de Colares and Ramisco, becoming this miniscule region’s biggest private landowners with all of two hectares!  In 2020, the Malvasia de Colares was the second-placed white wine at the Portuguese event Essência do Vinho’s prestigious Top 10 Portuguese Wines Tasting and, nominated by our Wine Director, Sarah Ahmed, was adjudged one of Decanter magazine’s White Wines of 2020.  A splendid result for the Ramilo family who, for many years, sold bag-in-box blends of their wines and neighbours’ wines to local restaurants.  They have now planted another hectare in Colares, where they are making exciting out-of-the-box wines, including a wonderful rosé and keenly anticipated espumante from the Ramisco grape.

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